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Our story


The story about Kashmini 

Kashmini is founded by the love of chasmere and a happiness of a new baby getting borned.

When we started to look for the best chashmere quality, we sat down and discussed what we think is the most important thing for us in a production process. Quickly it came to us that we want the products we create to be substainable and be made in the best quality, and that the goats live a good life with good conditions. 
This is why we are so happy to work with a supplier who shares our philosophy when it comes to values and environment and the health of the animals. Our cashmere has the best quality, and with the idea of ​​creating durable and stylish products that never go out of time, our garments can be used for many generations.

We work with clothes and products for the individuals we care most about - Children. A baby skin is sensitive and the biggest organ in the body. It is important to take extra care of it. One of the skins more important tasks is temperature regulation. A newborn baby has difficulty maintaining a steady temperature as the skin is thin. This is were Cahsmere will help. It warms when it is cold and cools when it is warm. The absolut best thing with cashmere if you ask us. Besides, we can't think of anything more soft and lean against the skin than just cashmere.

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About Andrea Norrman - @andreanorrman

At a relatively young age, I became a mother to my wonderful children Belle and Louie. When Belle was born, I started writing honest posts about my life as a mother of two small children. This has created great recognition among thousands of parents, especially mothers. I see myself as a fairly outspoken person and always want to share every side of my life on my instagram. I sometimes think that posts on instagram are usually romanticized. I think my transparency is a big part of why I have such amazingly committed followers, who have made my job as influencers possible.

The love for cashmere came when i found out that durability and quality is a fact. I want to use the best for my loved ones and I want to work with something that reflects me as a person. I have a place where I feel a hundred percent harmony and calm. The place is on the beach, a bit from Grandma and Grandpa's house in Motala a small town in Sweden. Where the sight of the seabed forms a pattern like a zebra's stripes, so soft to put the eye on. I love the sound of rippling waves with a bass of reed rocking and where the feeling of a fresh wind caresses the cheeks. With my children and my loving family close, is this a place where I grew up and where I found love. This place is me. This is harmony for me.

I therefore want to recreate this place and the feeling in our clothes and products. I want you to feel both harmony and confidence when you dress your little one in Kashmini.


Följ oss! - @kashminikids