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Care instructions

Congratulations to your new Kashmini product - Chashmere is a natural material and should not be washed too often. Wash the garment by hand or use fine wash / wool programs without centrifuge. Do not use softeners and never water with temperature above 30 degrees. A special wool detergent is good to use. A cashmere garment should never be twisted, instead press it gently while washing it. Cashmere garments tend to stretch if you hang them up for drying, therefore the garment should always dry flat and be stored lying down.

Pilling is not uncommon on chashmere garments. This is because fibers are loosening and forms small balls of textile. This often happens in areas that are rubbed against something, like on sleeves. To get rid of the pilling you can use our wool comb or remove them by hand. It disappears the more you use your garment.


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